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Provision Rite Aid Kiosks - Provision Interactive Technologies achieves installation milestone with 200 3D Wellness +/ Plenti Kiosks up and running in NYC and LA in Rite Aid Retail Locations. These first installations represent the beginning of a full market rollout in the two biggest markets located in New York City and Los Angeles. Provision’s 3D Kiosks generate eye-popping, three dimensional, holographic videos and include exclusive loyalty card information and promotions. Learn More…

FlyTimeMedia - FlyTimeMedia is a new digital signage network for US Airports. Its Restroom TV Network delivers advertising “up close and personal” to millions of airline travelers. FlyTimeMedia is launching its US Network in 2016 at Newark Liberty International Airport followed by expansion to La Guardia and JFK Airports. Learn More...

ZAMM Digital - ZAMM Digital showcases 60-second movie previews. The ZAMM Library has Over 700 videos written and produced by one of film industry’s most influential experts, Martin Grove. ZAMM’s videos are seen worldwide through content partnerships with, AOL’s 5-minute Media, etc. ZAMM has launched a partnership program for Digital Out-of-Home Networks providing entertainment content from movies, television and online networks. Learn More...

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