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New Division for Charter Digtial Media


Meeting the needs of the market by innovating and adapting new technology and expertise.

Charter DOOH Solutions

Charter DOOH Solutions



Charter Digital Out of Home Solutions

  a division of Charter Digital Media

We partner with clients to provide solutions in accelerating DOOH value—through integrated enterprise planning, business model innovation, agile adoption, and consumer engagement.  Our partners have a passion for helping clients create integrated digital signage that strengthen brands, maximize mission impact, and realize sustained ROI. 

There is no funding for ideas, just solutions. We provide a purpose, process and payoff for JV’s or project opportunities. We can advise on best business practices and provide the necessary expertise.

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Terry Kollman 

Our Approach


Charter Digital Media provides initial consultations on content, network deployment, rate structure, marketing and sales management. CDM also assists
in creating Media Kits, Audience Measurement Surveys and Sales Presentations.

Why Us?


The role of Charter Digital Media is to represent its networks to all segments
of the media buying community as highly effective, targeted and efficient media
vehicles. This involves regular contact at all levels of advertising agencies, major buying groups and out-of-home media buying services. CDM services in this
capacity incorporate both general media representation, as well as highly
individualized campaign proposals. CDM also provides all elements necessary
to service orders, including traffic, proof of performance, invoicing and collection.

Presently, Charter Digital Media represents national, regional and local digital media and private television networks for general mass audience, airport, sports entertainment facilities, shopping mall and in-store advertising.